Blackbird Collective | Beta

Blackbird Collective | Beta

Blackbird Collective | Beta

A work and wellness community founded by women of color, welcome to allies.

Blackbird is a collective of physical and virtual workspaces across the globe designed for the advancement of women of color and her allies.

Our myriad offerings celebrate creativity, inspire connection, promote wellness, encourage productivity and a balanced-life approach to impact positive social and economic outcomes.

We are a network aligned in community to induce equal access, advocate for political decency, engender hope and respect the planet. 

Our collective is based on three core pillars:

Spanning workshops, panels, speakers, and mentorship - we are diversity-centric and driven to enhance work-life balance

About Our Founder,

Bridgid Coulter 

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder, Philanthropist, Intentional Warm Holistic Design

Spring 2018 found Bridgid looking for a new home for her design studio. She has worked from a traditional brick & mortar, home, coffee shops & restaurants, and in her new search she discovered that the commercial landscape had changed; yet she was open minded to the possibilities. So she landed at a very chic professional flex office space in Los Angeles that focused on women and she felt at home.  However, after a few months a new question emerged, what would it be like if the community where she parked her studio was focused on addressing specific needs of women of color at it's very core from programming, wellness, creativity, activism, support & incubation.  What if this were a global network, connecting the women of color doing amazing work all over the world.  What if we could all find each other and share resources and opportunities?  So she got to work and went into a deep dive, an R&D period. In addition, Bridgid felt strongly that while the focus would always be front and center on women of color; they should also welcome allies of all race and genders who were committed to similar values rooted in diversity and inclusion.  The time is now for these courageous conversations to be had amongst us all – united.  

Collectively, these are the seeds of how Blackbird were born.  

And by November 2018 Bridgid had started building the collective with an intention toward global connectivity.  She spent nearly a year researching the markets, hosting popup events, creating a community network with mentors and an advisory board before the pilot location manifested itself. Her team meticulously designed the space into a haven, finishing in time to host a glorious grand opening celebration in Fall 2019.  A little over four months into operation, she was realizing the dream of a beautiful community with incredible programming and exceeding growth targets until the global coronavirus pandemic mandated a temporary closure mid March 2020.  Bridgid and team moved to working remotely and immediately pivoted into action; which has now budded into this virtual programming platform that is now The Nomad. 

Take flight with us.

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